Stalled on the bridge, in between here and there.

I look back to all I have built.

What still stands and what is no longer in service.

Hoping others will use these spaces, be thoughtful about repairs.

That tall one will need a new roof.

Some may be too weathered to save.

Pausing on the bridge, in between here and there.

I look ahead to wide open space.

What could be built and what is needed.

Beauty that can only be created by elements and time.

A center which radiates the harmony of shade trees.

Bare hands join for strength that I alone do not have.

I remain next to the railing.

water rushes beneath.

No longer who I was.

Not yet who I am becoming.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Photo taken in Amsterdam, 2013

Bridge Photo Challenge 

12 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. I so appreciate your ongoing acknowledgment of personal growth – of taking time to notice what you have built, what you need to build, what serves you, what no longer serves you,… It is ongoing, never stopping, always shifting; You stand tall and say so. Architect of life.

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    1. Wow. Karyn this is a lovely poetic response. I am honored by your words. I my words help you to see the growth steps in your own life. You are a brave one.


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