Let me



I will sing you comfort when your voice forgets the notes.

I will sing you a clearing to feel the warmth on your back.

I will sing you courage for days when you need to hear the music again.

I will sit in silence listening to your song

when you have forgotten it exists.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2018

22 thoughts on “Let me

  1. Maybe it’s because I have an aging mother who relies on me more by the day, but this seemed such a sweet affirmation of our need to take care of someone who is getting old.

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    1. Maybe that comes from the part about “listening to your song when you have forgotten it exits.” You are still listening for the mother you know and love even if she is changing. Being a caregiver is an act of love after all.
      It is always interesting what the reader brings to the poem. Thanks for sharing your view.

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