Unravel an opening


It is a continual process to unweave
that which is truth from story. I pull

a thread, remove one line, observe how
the fabric changes, notice the new spaces

breathing between essential threads
that remain, a skeleton of existence

until extracting the unneeded
leaves what is left, sparsely resilient

penetrable light of a future once blocked
by memories tightly woven.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2018

CB&W Photo Challenge

Forgiving Fridays


48 thoughts on “Unravel an opening

  1. Beautiful in a joyous, somewhat bittersweet way Ali, very engaging read, breaking it down to the essentials, and the beauty in the essentials. I really liked thus Ali, very much… 🙂

    …rob from Image & Verse
    Lost in Azure


  2. This truth from story business is well nigh impossible to elucidate at times, is reframing a form of confabulatory requisition or enlightened coming to the truth? Hard to judge, the conundrum beautifully framed here Ali.

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  3. An interesting dissection of what to leave in, what to take out. I never thought of it as unweaving truth from story, but yes. I think of Navaho weavers leaving one errant thread in the pattern so the soul has a way out.

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    1. Brendan, I appreciate your thoughtful reflection and the connection to Navaho weaving. We weave our stories throughout our lifetimes and I think it is easy to forget that we can change the pattern or extract parts that are no longer serving us.


  4. thanks for the blog visit – this is a real treat finding such excellent poetry here

    “until tweezing out the unneeded leaves”

    the whole poem is so slowly paced that it becomes a meditation on unpiecing to find peace. Brilliant Ali!

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  5. Oh wow. Ali this is exquisite. What a mystical sharing of the healing and clarity that come with removing limited beliefs and hurts from old memories. God, I am so touched. Thank you for sharing this for #ForgivingFridays – it is a perfect creative contribution to illustrate how forgiveness can help us to see “the sparse yet strong penetrable light of a future once blocked”!!

    Much loving to you my friend. Your writing is beautiful.

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