Water Heal My Soul – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

My words were inspired by this nourishing song, The River,

written and performed by Coco Love Alcorn. Please give it a listen.

river's spirit sings
rhythm without age
it knows flow
where to go
it helps me trust the way

with eyes closed, receiving
I open to the waterway
joining streamlets, runnels, rivulets
rushing away

Mother Earth's teaching
receding or overflow 
returning is
river's way to go

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

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47 thoughts on “Water Heal My Soul – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Your verse is stimulating – and thank you for the link to Cocoa Love Alcorn – I immediately recognized her image and voice – paid more attention to her lyrics this time ’round. Nice pairing with your poem.

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    1. Jazz,
      Thanks for reading and letting me know you listened to the song. This song has been a lifesaver for me the past two days. I close my eyes and let it take me to the river.
      I hope you are well. Take care.

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      1. Ali, I am well! Walked 1.5 mile yesterday (with rollator) – hip healing nicely post Feb 2 surgery. We’re packing up now to go camping (in our Airstream, easy camping!) braced for chill temperatures but nevertheless I will be OUT OF THIS HOUSE for a week – overdue!

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