Lessons from a Dogwood – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

"Nature does not hurry
yet everything is accomplished."
-Lao Tzu

a flower
can be a poem 
all by itself

color replacing gray
newsroom days

each petal, lined hues
of good news

the glory of opening
to live again

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

Covid finally caught me and I am learning 
how to accept it as an uninvited guest. 
Sending you wishes for wellness.

Join me at earthweal 
this week: Lessons from the Wild

Photo taken on one of my neighborhood walks.

54 thoughts on “Lessons from a Dogwood – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:
    My Featured Blogger this week is Ali Grimshaw of Flashlight Batteries. “Writing poetry has given me a way to touch other’s lives,” says Ali, flashlight bearer and writing circle facilitator, “(to) help us see ourselves and each other with the light of love.” And that light shines through everything she writes.

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  2. As a gardener, this speaks to me. I’m glad you can see and write of the beauty and glory of life while in the grip of our seemingly endless plague. Best wishes for a swift and full recovery.

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  3. Ali, this is exquisite. A delight to read. SO happy you linked it at earthweal. I do hope you recover quickly. What times we are living in!

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  4. Good afternoon dear Ali. You are the second person I’ve heard from today who has fallen ill from Covid after all this time. Please take the time to rest and heal so that you can return to being the best Ali you can be.

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    1. What a sweet message. Thank you kindly. It is my life’s journey to learn to love all the versions of myself. Obviously the journey isn’t over and I am grateful to still be learning.


  5. Such a wonderful poem, Ali. I firmly believe that nature provides us with a simple way to improve emotional health –flowers. The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. I had an early spiritual teacher who made sure even at times of financial insecurity to have fresh flowers in every room. Once when I lived alone in an urban basement studio my angelic friends told me to put potted flowers along the railing down to my door. They told me the flowers would be protection against unwanted intrusion. Don’t know whether it was due to them, but I had not one problem there…

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