On The Same Wavelength – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

before the stars rise
you and I 

benched before beauty
breathing bliss

us, just together, side by side
seaside stretched

our heartbeats synch 
to the drumbeat
rolling waves
waves rolling

our sunset
doesn't need words

holding your hand is
a forever-changing color
always warm

© Ali Grimshaw 2023

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Photo taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 2022.
I am missing those sunsets. 

45 thoughts on “On The Same Wavelength – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Ali, this is scrumptious … nothing better than watching sunset with the one you love. I’ve just returned from a month of Florida sunsets / sunrises….missing a partner to share them with.

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  2. Great use of alliteration in the lines:
    ‘benched before beauty
    breathing bliss’
    and sibilance in ‘side by side / seaside stretched’.
    I also love the way you slowed down the rhythm when the heartbeats synch.

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  3. Evenings bring romance into nature and humans. Yes, words are not
    needed when “holding your hand is a forever-changing color always warm.”
    I like it, even though Mrs. Jim and I have been married for years and years
    and years, we still hold hands. And mine are generally warm, fits beautifully.

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