No More Tears

Do your eyes remain dry

cried out from
tears for the one
and one
and one
another one
and years of the countless


Those ones that were the most precious one
to someone.

My heart beats in you this day as tears run down my face.

Grief’s hand must change
what hope will never be able to.

Before all eyes have run dry.

– Ali Grimshaw 2018

Words are inadequate after another US school shooting. Still I try in the honor of those who fight for change and the grief that countless others must bare.



Dream of Love


Awake in the darkness

with a different kind of knowing.

One of souls connected in an absence of time.

Understanding not limited by words.

A sigh that offers comfort,

only possible from the deep inhale proceeding it.

Melding without becoming one.

A miracle of wholeness from separate beings.


© Ali Grimshaw

Valentine’s Day 2016







unable to prove

“If you would just try.”

disappointment in their eyes

defeated layers of books and papers

accustomed to going unnoticed

“Why can’t you be …?”

“Why didn’t you?”

just below the line

left far behind

deep sighs



© Ali Grimshaw

This poem is shaped like a bell curve to represent the people who have endured feelings of shame for not performing in a way that someone deemed as success.



Locked up




Locked up, but not away

cherished in a closed loop.

Desire for the everlasting

secured with full disclosure

of our imperfections. Rusty

raw, real acceptance.

The very charged electrical

zing between our eyes that

speak across the loud crowd

like a room gone silent just for us.

Our eyes say, we are forever.

© Ali Grimshaw 2018

Photo take in Vernazza, Italy – Beloved