Putting the pieces back



I will walk beside you. Fill your cracks

with care. Speak your strengths, over

and over until they are glue. Help you

see all truly beautiful things were once

broken. I will love you with abandon

pour a hot cup of tea. Search for your

missing shards. Pluck out sharp words

used for self-inflicted pain. Chant, cheer,

and call your name. I will run ahead

to look for danger and get behind to push.

But please know you have the final piece

to set in place. I can’t make you whole again.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Photo thanks to PIXABAY

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10 Days of Guest Posts: Day 4

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A big thank you to CONFESSIONS OF A REBORN GIRL for sharing two of my love poems to celebrate February, the month of love. Love comes in many forms in life. I hope these poems add some love to your day.

Confessions of a Reborn Girl

If you haven’t heard of flashlight batteries, you haven’t experienced poetry in motion. I’m honored to have her guest post on my blog because her writing is that good. (Don’t worry I appreciate all of you other lovely guest posters too!)

She describes these poems as love poems to celebrate the month of love. Love comes in many forms each of them a gift that we didn’t have to earn. Enjoy!

Dreaming of Love
Awake in the darkness with a different kind of knowing.
One of souls connected in an absence of time.
Understanding not limited by words.
A sigh that offers comfort,
only possible from the deep inhale proceeding it.
Melding without becoming one.
A miracle of wholeness from separate beings.
© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Bursting to Life
After what seems like forever darkness
the light comes back again
each bud seeking warmth
layers begin to open
not because…

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Solitude of the heart


In the solitude of these chambers

my heart remembers how to breathe.

Cool air pulled in, an inflation of freedom

expansion completed. To rise and fall,

again, again, again…

My internal rhythm,

muscles in unison,

ceaselessly at work,

to fill me from toes to earlobes,

without my acknowledgement

or praise.

An intake of peaceful,

taken for granted,

to keep this heart beating

another day.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

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Photo Challenge – Solitude

Love is never closed for business.


With love there is always room at the table.

Bring what you have to share

even if it is just a memory, a song.

Together we will make a meal to feed

not just our stomachs

our souls shall be satisfied

nourished through connection.

Your stories on my tongue

sweet and savory.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017


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The future of heartbreak


“How do you keep your heart whole?” he asked. “I can’t bear the breaking.”

“You don’t,” she whispered. “Let it crack open,

like a ruby pomegranate full of moments you have been alive.
Tear away the soft sides, let the jeweled pieces scatter.

They will be found.  Picked up by the parched,
carried forward into days where hearts
will be strong enough to break, expand.”

“I am not that strong.” he said, shaking his head.

Tearing off a part of her own heart.

“Take some of my mine, you will be.”

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

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