Your phrases landed on the floor

between us. I didn’t know how to catch them.

Strings of words, a story of near miss.

One collection of minutes that almost

restructured my life, like petals

blown away by the wind

never again to unite in beauty.

A reminder of the impermanence of us.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Structure – Photo Challenge





The breath within me

floats out to join the world,

to settle on the brown ground beside.

to fly within the atmosphere.

to join with your exhale.


The tree we sit beneath

is not excluded

from this exchange.


Lightly soft it breathes above

new life down upon us.


On the radio

world leaders move their pieces,

play the game of war.


Under the tree

we continue to breathe each other.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017



The Path

Resharing a revised edition of this poem. Sending love to all of those choosing to share their life path with another.

flashlight batteries

The path we share sometimes forks.

Here a place to pause among trees.

Conversations in layers like leaves on the forest floor.

Shadows arrive, shake us with views of separate routes.

I kiss your hand with love as I release it.

Fly above the forest if you are called to.

I will not let you deny yourself

to keep us on the same path.

Together we can travel

only if

you will still seek.

© Alicia Grimshaw revised version 2017

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A Mindful Vacation

I am resharing this poem today in honor of National Relaxation Day. One long slow breath. Try it out.

flashlight batteries

Between each breath
one, maybe two seconds at most,
a tiny space of nothingness.
My passport can’t get me there.
Driving faster, running harder,
multitasking while eating lunch
working later, doing more…
no closer to my destination.

“Where would you like to travel to?” they ask.

someplace between
and exhale.

© Ali Grimshaw

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