Call to service – July 4


I notice,
I remember,
yet I have no idea
what you gave for
my freedoms.

I see,
I listen for,
those without,
who don’t
have freedom yet.

I pray,
that we never stop,
reaching toward each other
with open hands.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

Happy July 4th.
Let’s not let the past stop us from creating the future.


Departure – Poem by Ali Grimshaw


At the seasonal station
the train of life only pauses
departure depends on your duration
illusion of control blankets nature’s causes.

Days to nights shift and the engineer steers
hibernating bunks of linked sleepers softly
breathe away their past selves
rhythm of the planet moves through the years.

Travelers lulled to comforted right
cycle of no endings, wheels freely spin
balance tipped toward the night
untouchable by human error, solstice arrives again.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

dVerse – Quatrain

Handwritten – poem by Ali Grimshaw


What if I wrote what could not be asked
the inappropriate bold words, or a question
that made you cringe slightly with wonder.
Left it on your desk, scented paper
inside an envelope that you would need to choose
to open or not, wondering who it could be from
unmarked, with just your cursive name penned upon
the front. Leaving you to hesitate with the thrill
of good or bad news to come.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

Unwind – Poem by Ali Grimshaw


Think in reverse

months tip, like dominos

to revisit that summer day.

Longing for this cleansing pool,

an offering of chilled calmness

encircled by stone.

Here I joined the river

of slow movement

strumming my heartstrings

plucking the notes ever slower

pulse dissolving

until I was

just being


© Ali Grimshaw (rewrite)

d’Verse (OLN)




When something ends
the road behind washed away
the tightrope cut
the plane in flight
before forward lights have appeared
illuminating the next.

When something ends
what is the point in cramming your feet
into the shoes of the past?
Unless you want to walk in pain.

When something ends
after the sobbing,
and grief has dried up.

That’s when you know,
that’s when you finally know
the word
for the first time.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

The difference between no and maybe


NO is a stop sign, end of the sentence
can knock your feet out from under you.
a completion, the final door bolted loudly.

MAYBE is a pause for creativity, a moment of
iridescent bubble hanging in the air
an opening to where all grows wild and free.

Either are available, both are useful
but one leaves you to face a single direction
while the other is a garden where roads are
not needed. You walk without a line to follow.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019