Sustaining – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

As the virus
spinning down
our long road.

The dust has yet
to settle
from the wheels.

Slow motion 
particles fall
as we sift silently
through glittered 

Was that last month
or yesterday?

As I am here
you are there
only through airwaves

and yet I hear
your love.

© Ali Grimshaw 2021

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51 thoughts on “Sustaining – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

    1. There is only going forward never backward. Even though what’s normal is very different for each of us, we all share this new part of our reality. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.


  1. You have my heart with this poem, Ali! Especially love; “Slow motion particles fall as we sift silently
    through glittered remembering.” Yes! 💝💝

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  2. I have lived seven decades, and now suddenly, I am stumbling in a foreign world ..
    “Foreign World”

    I’ve been stuck inside this shabby carapace
    Wondering if I’ll ever be able to about-face
    Maybe I could borrow my angel’s wings, unfurled
    Explore and travel the open foreign world
    Time has come, to escape this holding place
    Discovering, I’m able to find lost grace
    To wander the harvest field
    Now I see beyond the shield
    Rid the shackles of my broken heart
    Return to reality, and apply for a restart
    Healthy enough to hide from prying ghouls
    Free to walk past the tardy bar stools
    Go flying, with all the other old fools
    And paddle ankle-deep in life’s distant pools

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