To lose you

would be a sea without waves

moan of Winter wind

outside as I lay cold in bed.

To lose you

would be the wilt of wildflowers

a bow of small heads around the globe.

My eyes squeezed shut

effort of not remembering.

To lose you

would be loss for those

yet to hear your hearty chuckle,

low and warm

its own kind of song.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017



Seeking a Brain Transplant

She covets the minds of others,
organized, tidy, check the box off
followers of clear roads
neatly folded maps
who open to straight paths
traveling without distraction
of multiple dead ends
confusion of curlicues
to land efficiently
destination, spot on time.
Dreary haunts of defeat
her relapse into darkness
a mind off course, tunneling elsewhere
moving toward an endless horizon
without a line between earth and sky
to distinguish
what hole she fell into
this time.
This is a revised version of the poem published on Versewrights Looking back and rewriting this as a process of reflection and celebration. Thank you Versewrights for sharing my poems with your readers. Today I encourage you to embrace your process over the temporary product. The my last page has not been written yet.
Please share a poem that you have rewritten in the comments section. Let me give space to acknowledge your process.
© Ali Grimshaw 2017




Leaves play tag in the breeze

as cars chase green lights.

I am the only stillness

in the city this hour.


Smiling without permission

no need to ask, “Am I allowed?”

The leaves don’t ask to dance

down the sidewalk.


I grant myself this moment

this sunlight soak before

winter darkness.


© Ali Grimshaw 2017









What used to feel immense

bewildering to follow

was now only steps away

like a runway lit up

with clear directional intention


She knew. Undeniable as the sky

the river of calm inside her.

This choice as easy as avoiding

sidewalk cracks. And there he stood.


Touching him. Toward together.

Their waters join

to flow toward the ocean.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017


Round and Round



Jump,            leap,                crawl and claw

there is a world outside

the hamster wheel.

You can step off,    drop chains of thought

fall into peace.

Your forgotten power,       remains inside,

no superhero costume


Only willingness,   rejection of old pattern,

refusal of squeaky wheel,

one step,                                         to the side.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Rounded  Barcelona 2017



Blurred branches of feeling

the intersection of “Not good enough,”

and “You fell for that again?”

awkward limbs that cross

and cross again in confusion. While inches

of growth reach, stretch toward light.

The turbulent angles discretely covered

by feathered orange deliciousness.

A fancy distraction,

just like my sunglasses and hat

a layer of colors,

the perfect cover up to keep

my crack of failure private.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017