Revisiting Beliefs- Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Your belief in aloneness
is your greatest mistake.

You were born into the hands 
of the world, for us 
to sing you through.

Mountains to call you upward
rivers to bring forth and release.

For what you are made of, I am made of
elements of rock, sky and sea.

Your error is not that you are broken
It is that you have yet to see
your wholeness.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2023

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Expansion – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

“What you are, the world is.
And without your transformation,
there can be no transformation of the world.”
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

She squeezed herself
into the shape she was given
condensed her needs and wants
in an effort to take up less space

pulled back to a smaller, smaller

There was no room to grow.
There was only survival.

When did it happen
the noticing of held breath?

She smiles now with remembrance.

He came along one day.
He surprised her into a great exhale
and the air

© Alicia Grimshaw 2022

Photo taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
What gift a sunset can be.

Coddiwomple – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

“Turn and go back to the last thing

you remember doing

with your whole heart.”

– Joyce Sutphen

Even without a roadmap
I can follow the song
of my heart's direction.

Sing along while keen 
to its increase.

Turning in time
so as not to lose 
the melodic trail.

Ears intent on my 
wholeness of being

Filtering freefalling notes
once lost
easing my ache
of confusion.

© Ali Grimshaw 2023

Coddiwomple (v.) Origin: English Slang Word.Definition: To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

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Time Zones – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

I run from myself
catch a corner of feeling
accept this moment of liberation

as skin of bruised clouds darkens
a prickling tingle goosebumps my arms
airwaves gather energy sparks

our tilted world revolves
a turning we have never
been able to feel
yet know as truth

a shift occurring between/from
who are the others
who are the us

we ride around the sun
evolving regardless of our position
or noticing

recycled drops of rain.

© Ali Grimshaw 2023

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Photo taken in San Franscico. 
A luscious sunset in February of 2023.

Laundrying Hope – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

It gets dirty over time
soiled by history, upturned endings, 
unexpected overflows into tomorrow.
Stains of resentment, practiced disbelief,
and heartbreak headlines get into the fabric.
It loses it's luster with living.

Launder your hope often
with practice you will begin to notice
when it's time for cleansing 
a cycle of care
soaps of forgiveness scented 
rinsing of kindness 
freeing the unneeded past
in a small, generous bucket.

Let it line dry
on its own sunlight time 
without watching your clock 
returning to softness, colors revealed 
by evening's renewable breeze.

And now I wonder why
there isn't a small label with clear directions
for it's care?

What information could be more important 
to keep your heart open?

© Ali Grimshaw 2023

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On The Same Wavelength – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

before the stars rise
you and I 

benched before beauty
breathing bliss

us, just together, side by side
seaside stretched

our heartbeats synch 
to the drumbeat
rolling waves
waves rolling

our sunset
doesn't need words

holding your hand is
a forever-changing color
always warm

© Ali Grimshaw 2023

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Photo taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 2022.
I am missing those sunsets. 

Sampler For Your Heart – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

"Could you write a poem for me?" you asked. Then you left before I could ask the specifics of your heart's desire. Are you in need of savory words to awaken or creamy expressions to nourish? I pondered for hours then did what I could based on the circumstances.  I wrote out a mixed assortment of sizes; courageous squares of coconut, rounds of morning lips delight, cinnamon memories of warm skin and the encouragement of toffee. This sampler will be delivered to your doorstep tomorrow at 4:00 pm. Let me know which flavor left your heart wanting more.

neverending waves
love's ocean unstoppable
I am your shoreline

© Ali Grimshaw 2023

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Photo taken in Portugal, 2017. 

Undressing Mistakes – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

is it's weight worth 
carrying forward 

does waking up to it
spring you forth

have you noticed
that you stepped into it

it is never too late
to go barefoot

fresh starts are free
don't believe me

go toe testing for yourself

I dare you to show up

bare yourself

© Ali Grimshaw 2023

Undeniable – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

how many days can you claim
bold aliveness

kindergarten eagerness
ignited intentions

bright contagiousness of
shared lifting

sky-filled unerasable strokes 
readable by all

baring yourself beautiful

with each word from your mouth
skinny-dipping freedom

because words of love
deserve all capitals
sing unification


© Ali Grimshaw 2023

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Photo taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexio.