Snapshot – Poem By Ali Grimshaw

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” 
– The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2013 –
your arms around me
encircled together
heart to heart

someday I will touch a photo
this moment's embrace
replaying this day

until then
I am noticing the feeling
while I still have you near

I am memorizing the shape
of holding you
holding me

©Ali Grimshaw 2021

Photo of my son and I on my birthday 2020. 

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61 thoughts on “Snapshot – Poem By Ali Grimshaw

    1. You are right someday I will look back on this photo where we are wearing masks. Who knows what perspective I may have by then but one thing is for sure I will only love my son more.


    1. Pragalbha,
      I missed this message from you until day. The joy of hugging has returned and the emotions are flowing forth.
      Let me know if you want to jump in and join me for a writing circle this Friday at 8:30 am. I can send you a link. It would be an honor to hold space for your words. No pressure either way. It would be my gift to you.
      Take good care of your beautiful heart.

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      1. The joy of huggin has returned surely – I am finding myself slow in feeling natural about it somehow 🙂
        I hold your invitation as a precious gift truly. It is a beautiful experience to be in your writing circle. I am in a Prayer Circle for the well being of our friends and families in India/here each Friday morning currently. I sincerely hope to find alignment to attend one in the future, thank you _()_

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      2. How beautiful that you are in a prayer circle for India. My heart breaks for all the pain and suffering happening there. Sending love to you and your family.❤️☮️Please reach out to me anytime if you would like to ride together. I would be honored to support you during this very difficult time.

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