365 pages

Out of an infinite number of stories ending this year

how lucky am I to continue mine.

To understand, as I didn’t before

how to see the next blank page

author what is left.

To smear the words by numbing

or battle to awaken the next chapter,

an internal fight rekindled by rewrites.

Still awed by the power of dusk to soften the view

I choose to attend this party called life.

Many minutes are not guaranteed.

I savor this very one.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Each year I celebrate the gift of getting to live another year by writing a birthday  poem. This is my poem for 2016. I don’t have the words to clearly express the layers of learning, global connection and inspiration I found by jumping into the world of blogging this year. Thank you to WordPress for making it possible and to the many, many kind bloggers who offered support. I am honored to have a poem chosen by the Drabble as one of the top ten editor’s picks for the year. Ten of our favorite Drabbles of 2016.  I hope this inspires you to share your voice in 2017.

Discover Challenge – Retrospective


Another Year

I could have happened a billion different ways,

but I happened just one way.

One out of an infinite number of stories,

my story unfolded.

Now I pause in the middle of my book.

Understanding, as I didn’t before,

my power in authoring what is left.

Awed by the journey, the near misses, grieved losses,

the fight that has returned within.

Grateful for wanting to be at this party called life.

Many precious minutes

are not gaurenteed.

Savoring this very one.

By Ali Grimshaw