By Myself

Alone is different

than loneliness.

connection, a link, from one to the other.

not trusting, disbelief, an arm’s length away.

impenetrable invisible cushion

keeps me hidden even

when you think I am there.

Will I let you know me?

The jury is still out.

© Ali Grimshaw






Without you

he will be an island that I cannot reach

an evolving door

a language untranslatable.

You are the bridge, an extension

carrying my voice to him.

Without you

will the connection be severed?

Just a recorded message

at the other end.

This line is now disconnected.

© Ali Grimshaw

Discovery Challenge – Connection



Your Numbers

What does it mean, the number you are?

Pounds or password,

23rd in line before your turn,

zip code, blood pressure, days traveled,

the years you have managed to

stay alive or times you have kept your mouth shut.

Texting mishaps, trips to the store, loves lost.

You may think these numbers

have power to direct your life.

Upside down thinking at its best.

This code of numbers is yours alone.

Deciphering it requires desire

not a Hollywood mastermind.

You have always known the way out.

© Ali Grimshaw

Numbers Challenge


Leadership from the Heart

Step away from this dark corner
let your heart lead the way.
Thinking in a box of fearful thoughts
afraid of the other,
leads to imprisonment with defined edges,
slashing at silhouettes that only appear
as the enemy.
Walk away from this shadow
follow the music of trust in love.
What you think is the opposition
is only just another
scared and searching
no different than the face in
your bathroom mirror each morning.

© Ali Grimshaw

Open-minded – Discovery Challenge