If Poets Ruled The World


If you brought poetry to your exhale

how would you breathe?

If you brought poetry to your cooking

how would it taste?

If you brought poetry to your singing

how would it sound?

If we brought poetry to the conversation

what would we hear?

Would we notice the moan of wind outside our arguments

that the water from the pipes is at a trickle, our absent neighbors

don’t stand in the front yard anymore, weeds thrive

overtaking the edible garden, while last year’s birdhouse

remains empty? A muffled fear

like cotton balls in our ears.


If I lived poetry

could I see the heart

underneath your skin?


© Alicia Grimshaw 2018

“Poetry, whether the writing itself is explicitly political or not, always seeks a better way to respond, to think, to live.” – E. Ce Miller, writer, journalist

Sharing this great quote from Moorezart





Let me send my love
to float lightly on the wind.
A force that sails ships across the ocean.
Let my kisses evaporate into the clouds.
When they reach your shore,
love will rain down upon you.
© Ali Grimshaw    2016


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My head sits

on cords of screaming tension

inability to relax into

whirl of busyness, cyclone

of storms around my being

interference between me

and the presence

I wish to give you.

Please forgive my current cloudiness.

Blow this weather to the corner of the room.

I want to sit with you.

“What is the state of your heart?”

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Inspired by  – “Let us insist on a type of human-to-human connection where when one of us responds by saying, “I am just so busy,” we can follow up by saying, “I know, love. We all are. But I want to know how your heart is doing.” “

Here to Listen


Tweeting and yelping and posting and texting  

so much to say

words flying, tumbling, and flung fast 

landing so loudly

I cannot hear the song of your voice

knock on my door

at least let me try to hear your words

as they fall from your mouth

with nothing added but fresh air

© Ali Grimshaw