Monster Bash – Leave Your Fear Here


I have many fears.  They have pushed me to the edge and stretched me beyond where I thought I would break. But I am still here and have developed a fascination with what I can learn from them. Fear can be like a monster inside of you, holding you hostage. Sharing your fear with another can take the power away from this monster. I have found that when I bring my monster into the light it is often hairy but not so scary.  This is a place for you to break free from that monster by describing your fear and leaving it behind on this page. You will never find out what this is like if you don’t take action. Start with one of your smaller monsters and leave it here.

This is also an experiment in learning from each other. What do we fear? Will our fears be similar or very different?  I am interested to see what we all have in common. Get curious about your fear and leave it behind.  A couple of sentences or a picture will do.

Please don’t comment on another’s monster. This might force them to jump from the page.

I will start the sharing with one of my fear monsters. The fear of suffocating. This monster can take my confidence away when I am occupying a small, enclosed space. Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe. I panic. I have learned to talk myself through this and it is slowly getting easier over time.

What a perfect time of year to give your monster a place to hang out with others.  It can make friends and may end up so happy that it doesn’t come back to you and even if it does, it might not look the same to you as it did before.

Thanks for sharing. Let the Monster Bash begin.