Nurturing a Color

In fading light,

glowing colors blend

and it is impossible to tell

where one begins. So it is

with you and I. When did I begin on my own?

So many years you nurtured and cooked, rocked,

encouraged, and cared for me while fighting for yourself.

As we unblended and became our separate colors, lessons were learned.

What was said and what was left empty in the room for me to choose.

The boundary of where you stood, lines I sometimes crossed.

In the mirror of the years I am in awe of your effort.

You gave, at minimum, years of listening

with your whole face turned toward mine.

Intent on taking each word in

not letting a single one

escape your ear.

Mother’s Day 2016 – Dedicated to my mother and her commitment to keeping her colors vibrant while letting me find my own. 

© Ali Grimshaw 2016