By Myself

Alone is different

than loneliness.

connection, a link, from one to the other.

not trusting, disbelief, an arm’s length away.

impenetrable invisible cushion

keeps me hidden even

when you think I am there.

Will I let you know me?

The jury is still out.

© Ali Grimshaw





Your Flame

Huddled with survival,

dying coals radiate little warmth.

walk toward that which lights your fire.

fuel the love light inside yourself.

When the wind blows and blows fiercely.

Your glowing flame will remain.


© Ali Grimshaw


Another Year

I could have happened a billion different ways,

but I happened just one way.

One out of an infinite number of stories,

my story unfolded.

Now I pause in the middle of my book.

Understanding, as I didn’t before,

my power in authoring what is left.

Awed by the journey, the near misses, grieved losses,

the fight that has returned within.

Grateful for wanting to be at this party called life.

Many precious minutes

are not gaurenteed.

Savoring this very one.

By Ali Grimshaw