Let’s go down to the river.


IMG_4039Let the current caress

ripples lap at your errors

knee deep in, “I can’t believe I did that.”

wash away mistakes of this day

to leave the clear clarity of water.

Toes numb from cold reality.

Stepping out onto the bank

with new beginnings dripping

from your feet.

© Alicia Grimshaw

As I was finishing this poem I remembered this old spiritual song.  It is amazing how our minds work. I had not heard or thought of this song for many years.  I have been humming it for days thinking of the countless others who sang this same song going back, year after year after year. I somehow feel a connection with those voices from the past. If you want to hear it click on this link to youtube. Let’s Go Down To The River To Pray.


Walking into the Future

“Let yourself be silently drawn
by the deeper pull of what you
truly love.” – Rumi


What is calling you forth?

If you cannot see that vision of your future self

follow that which brings you to life

where tears of feeling pool in your eyes

your heart so full that

even the water from the faucet

flows out in slow motion.

© Ali Grimshaw