Thinking in reverse

months tip, like dominos

to revisit that summer day.

Longing for this cleansing pool,

offering of chilled calmness

encircled by stone, here I joined

the river of slow movement,

pulling at my rapid pulse.

Plucking the notes ever slower.

Heartbeat dissolving

until I was

just being


© Ali Grimshaw



Round and Round



Jump,            leap,                crawl and claw

there is a world outside

the hamster wheel.

You can step off,    drop chains of thought

fall into peace.

Your forgotten power,       remains inside,

no superhero costume


Only willingness,   rejection of old pattern,

refusal of squeaky wheel,

one step,                                         to the side.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Rounded  Barcelona 2017


What is the point of this adrenaline

if not to catch a falling baby,

escape from a lion or revive a drowning man?

Where can all of this feeling go?  I want a place for it.

A drawer, a box, a shelf, a treasure chest, the trunk of a car

maybe an large envelope to mail it far away.

Away from me. Where I am not the one.

Draw another name from the hat, surely she is stronger.

How am I to hold this prickling, burning weight,

vibrational surge, flaming fingertips?

Pressure builds until this little teapot

blows her steam.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017