unable to prove

“If you would just try.”

disappointment in their eyes

defeated layers of books and papers

accustomed to going unnoticed

“Why can’t you be …?”

“Why didn’t you?”

just below the line

left far behind

deep sighs



© Ali Grimshaw

This poem is shaped like a bell curve to represent the people who have endured feelings of shame for not performing in a way that someone deemed as success.






Sometimes a regret comes back to life

to emerge as a poem

morphing as it translates into words

pain blossoming

on a single stem.

Each petal overlapping

some parts me

some parts you

forming an image fixed in time

an elixir of us

I drink in

to set us both free.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2016


Long before…

In the unfinished

before the credits scroll past

can you choose acceptance

without an end,

before the conclusion

without approval from the crowd?

Between the ribs, within

deeply, a voice

the one you used to hear

before you thought the others

were the ones that mattered.

Knew better and overruled your soul.

Before you decided

who you weren’t going to be.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017



Something you can count on.

The sky

it is never not there

will not leave a note goodbye

to disappear in the night.

Serenely blue, growl of gray

watercolored clouds a tumble

dependably ever-changing, yet

never forsaking.

When the curtain goes up at sunrise

a steadfast performance

worthy of an audience.

Don’t miss the show.

No tickets necessary.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

#Loveuary  Challenge – Celebrating today with a love poem for the sky.

Conversation on the beach

The breeze picked up

your words were carried away

by the gusts. My heart on the beach alone

as we continued to walk, I remained

jealous of the wind

holding your words so close.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017


Putting the pieces back


I will walk beside you. Fill your cracks

with care. Speak your strengths, over

and over until they are glue. Help you

see all truly beautiful things were once

broken. I will love you with abandon

pour a hot cup of tea. Search for your

missing shards. Pluck out sharp words

used for self-inflicted pain. Chant, cheer,

and call your name. I will run ahead

to look for danger and get behind to push.

But please know you have the final piece

to set in place. I can’t make you whole again.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Photo thanks to PIXABAY

#Loveuary Challenge