My flashlight is on.

Today I am feeling grateful to Poetry Breakfast for sharing two of my poems this month. The first, Procrastinator’s List, was posted today. Thank you for sharing my light. Everyone has a light that matters. Some us us lose our batteries along the way and need help getting new ones, others need to get their batteries recharged. Writing is a powerful way to recharge. If you are interested in exploring the gift of shared writing please leave me a message.

May your light shine.




13 thoughts on “My flashlight is on.

  1. Congratulations. I had to check out your poem on Poetry Breakfast. Procrastinator’s list is a wonderful poem. My favorite line is, “Finish is used to making friends by now.”

    You have a beautiful writing style. You even inject a poetic quality in your prose.

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  2. I read Shades of Grey on Poetry Breakfast and wanted to tell you I really like your style and message! I have been a poet since I was a child. My mother, grandmother, aunts were all poets, so I feel it my bones and it’s nice to read a poem that impresses and moves.
    I signed up for your blog!

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