The Path

Resharing a revised edition of this poem. Sending love to all of those choosing to share their life path with another.

flashlight batteries - Ali Grimshaw

The path we share sometimes forks.

Here a place to pause among trees.

Conversations in layers like leaves on the forest floor.

Shadows arrive, shake us with views of separate routes.

I kiss your hand with love as I release it.

Fly above the forest if you are called to.

I will not let you deny yourself

to keep us on the same path.

Together we can travel

only if

you will still seek.

© Alicia Grimshaw revised version 2017

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8 thoughts on “The Path

      1. I can’t begin to write poetry, but I’ve had the same experience with my blog. I write the post with one thing in mind, and sometimes people get an entirely different message! I’m fine with that, but it does show me how differently people look at things.

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