Learning to Dive




One day I finally knew that I could swim

in the blue of the sky.

That I was as strong as I declared myself to be.

That my fears were teachers made just for me.

That there would always be cracks to slip through

times of trembling, shaken awake to fall again.


Then I stood next to the lake,

a mirror of blue sky wholeness,

arms wide with acceptance

I, the problem and solution

dove into a

reflection of release.


© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Take in Varenna, Italy 2016



16 thoughts on “Learning to Dive

  1. Beautiful image, and beautiful poem again, Ali. ‘I, the problem and solution’ This is my favourite line. It reminds me of change and transformation – that we can be two different things depending on what we choose. There is so much potential within us if we just take the plunge sometimes. Hope you are doing well and take care ❤

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    1. Mabel, your thoughtful response always arrives just when I need a boost in my day. I love hearing about your favorite line. Thank you my friend. I hope that you continue to find beauty in your day.


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