Shedding Shame




Willing my body to enter the room

a mountain of mortification on my back

being seen while craving camouflage.


Owning the me that showed up

failure and intention, the human package

tied up with a bow of expectations.


While seeking an empty seat,

I investigate shedding shame, cast off

of the past. Owning my skin before

molting of forgiveness.



© Ali Grimshaw 2018

Sintra, Portugal 2017 – Weathered

Forgiving Fridays

19 thoughts on “Shedding Shame

  1. Ali, this is gorgeous! I especially love how you wrote about owning the skin before the molting of forgiveness. To me, it is so important to truly see our humanity – and to be willing to accept and love these parts of ourselves – that eases the way for the gift of forgiveness. Sending you love and Light. Shame is not always the easiest to shed. ❤ Many hugs. Debbie ps – I'm honored to share this poem for #ForgivingFridays

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    1. Debbie, I am glad to hear that this poem resonated with you. Self-forgiveness is so important. I appreciate your commitment to sharing ways for people to heal through forgiveness. Keep shining your light. Ali

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