She lived in a dented silver trailer

plainly, without shine inside and out.

The window view of sea

filled her need for decoration.


Constant rhythm of wave reassurance

ever evolving color of cloud, mist, fog

always filled her with belonging.


Passersby with lipfrowning judgement

downcast look of sadness at her dwelling

would never know her truth.


She had found her community of paradise

between wind and simplicity.


© Ali Grimshaw 2018




28 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. Ah, sometimes it is the ones who are “plainly, without shine inside and out…” that are the ones worth considering and getting to know. A beautiful piece placed in a beautiful place.

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  2. The window view of the sea must be an amazing sight ~ What matters most – its her home and paradise and she is happy. Thanks for sharing Ali ~


    1. Thanks Ivor. I grew up on the Oregon coast. It is interesting how many times the ocean’s powerful presence comes into my poetry. Do you notice if your childhood surroundings show up in your poetry?


      1. Well Ali I’m basically in the same place, I’ve hardly moved from my original surroundings, and I have written a lot about our family home in Ocean Grove named “Tullawalla” and our original residence in North Geelong, (Well Preserved). 😊

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  3. It’s interesting to note how judgemental some people can be. We might not fit into society’s norms, yet we can feel very content with our life. Funny how some of us will assume and jump to conclusions, never thinking about one’s backstory, truth as you said – and never take the time to get to know one person. A poem that speaks of both vulnerability and strength. Great writing, Ali 🙂

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