No More Tears

Do your eyes remain dry

cried out from
tears for the one
and one
and one
another one
and years of the countless


Those ones that were the most precious one
to someone.

My heart beats in you this day as tears run down my face.

Grief’s hand must change
what hope will never be able to.

Before all eyes have run dry.

– Ali Grimshaw 2018

Words are inadequate after another US school shooting. Still I try in the honor of those who fight for change and the grief that countless others must bare.


32 thoughts on “No More Tears

  1. Hi Ali, Im afraid too many eyes have run dry. The despondency not only in reaction to tragedies, but also of young people the world round growing up amidst violence to the will and brutal treatment of one creature upon another, is startling. It’s from a nightmare and we’ve forgotten how to wake ourselves up.
    (And thank you for your comment on my blog.)

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    1. Amaya, I relate to your feelings of despair. But the youth of our country are speaking out and taking action. You are awake and you can awaken others. We cannot give up.


  2. I think your words have honored it very well! I understand and agree with the need for action, but I admit I am getting a bit tired of all those who are saying that words are totally useless. I don’t believe that we have to abandon words of comfort and understanding in order to have action. It’s not a choice we have to make. Words will always matter, and I appreciate yours on this subject. Thanks!

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    1. Ann, thank you for your thoughtful reflection. The intention of my poem was to honor those in grief and to create a conversation that connects us instead of separates us.
      I agree that words always matter and we don’t have to settle for either, or thinking. Authentic expressions of love can never be wrong. Take care today.

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