Long live the poets.

I don’t usually share this type of post but this group really struck my fancy. What an incredible combination of creativity to bring poetry to the world in a new way.  The Haiku Guys + Gals. write personalized haiku poems on typewriters at every type of event imaginable.  Each interaction takes just a minute or two, and culminates with the creation of a custom gift for the event guest to take home or share.  Some people have likened the experience to “a photo booth for the soul.” This is a haiku they wrote for a fellow blogger. It speaks to me and has me thinking about sharing poems in new ways.

your reach is as long
as your imagination
so untie your hands

May poetry touch your day,



17 thoughts on “Long live the poets.

  1. Lovely. they certainly have Haiku covered. I’ve experienced a wandering poet dressed in 1800s dress with a little writing desk strapped to her. She penned a beautiful short poem for my book club. It was a library event. I still have it. Somewhere. Louise

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  2. Wonderful post and heart touching idea! I shared a short poem on my blog last week. Would welcome your comments! Only four lines but a wonderful response! Love the title of this post! Long live the poets! Thank you! I have been enjoying your blog and writing!

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