Always Available 24/7


stickies-2324090_640 (1)

Never preoccupied by screens screaming

unknown friends, nor business buzzing heads.


Mine sit in wait, pocket ready, stacked bedside,

cursive faded on the bathroom mirror. Ever-ready


to ask courageous questions, reassuring palms

warmly press down on my shoulders. They lead


remind from behind, cocoon me from nightmare bombs

and disappearing green, when my inside raisins.


Trustworthy friends of ink, folded and unfolded

because the need is so great.


© Ali Grimshaw 2018

This poem was inspired by the following quote from John Adams. “You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket.” 

Ars Poetica – d’Verse

National Poetry Month – Fall in love with a poet.

Photo by Pixabay free images.


39 thoughts on “Always Available 24/7

  1. I think, then, you would easily relate to the stack of ‘papers’ (sticky notes, torn sheets from tablets, napkins) that find their way into my pockets/lunchbox to make their way to my desk every day. 🙂

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  2. There is comfort and healing from writing poetry. Love this part:

    They lead

    remind from behind, cocoon me from nightmare bombs

    and disappearing green, when my inside raisins.

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  3. Ali, really loved this post and John Adam’s quote too! I loved that you got the seed of inspiration for your poem from his quote! I always love it when someone’s word or phrase inspires me! Bravo!

    Come visit me??

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      1. I guess i’m like you in that regard too! I am always curious to learn how people get inspired and their process and method of writing!

        I appreciate you being willing to spend some of your precious time with my words!

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  4. That pocket companion surely is a life saver. I really liked the poem Ali and was particularly struck with the line ‘and disappearing green, when my inside raisins’

    Nice to have you submit for our prompt at dVerse. We run a regular schedule of prompts weekly via the team and we’d love to have you post again.

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