Sunday afternoon meditation in the backyard


Ok, breathe

ease back in the chair.

Breathe. Ahh. Blue sky in my backyard.

Oh no. Not leaf blower man.

                             I thought he moved.

Breathe. Let it all go. You are free.

See? It stopped. Listen to the birds.

Close your eyes.


                           What? Not again? This is noise pollution!

Slow. Feel your body in this space.

Who invented this *&%$# thing?

                          What ever happened to my silent friend, The Rake?

Breathe. Let it go.

This too shall pass.

 Remember the teacher said find calm within chaos,

Breathe.          I bet he didn’t have leaf blower man




© Alicia Grimshaw 2018

For the Thursday d’Verse challenge. My first contrapuntal poem. Contrapuntal are poems that intertwine two (or more) separate poems into a single composition.






33 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon meditation in the backyard

  1. I can relate to this one, Ali! We have dogs barking, lawnmowers, etc. Hard to meditate at times. 😑 )
    (Just realized that I no longer get notifications when you post, and you don’t show up in my reader. This WP glitch keeps happening. Will try unfollowing and refollowing, though that doesn’t always work. Sorry to have missed all these posts of yours!)

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  2. Exactly.. Breathe. Today we don’t inhale what’s pure… We really need the freshness to breathe… But sadly we are loosing it rapidly. Still we have to breathe!
    I always admire your writings! 🙂

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