The Field

Grief is unlayering
revisit your core
you are the seeds of hope

Resharing this poem as a inspiration to let go for those who are in pain today. Thank you to The Drabble for choosing this poem as one of the Ten Favorite Drabbles of 2016.


editors pick

By Ali Grimshaw

A crack,

followed by a breaking open.

As the walls fall,

you will no longer be contained,

held separate.

Grieve and they shall crumble,

until the last stone is still

Leaving you in a field of golden openness.

Wide and light,

No need for protection


In the warm air.

Bio: Ali Grimshaw is a poet and blogger. Her blog called flashlight batteries,, offers hope for those struggling in the darkness and a mirror for tough times in life.

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21 thoughts on “The Field

  1. I loved the word unlayering. Your poem speaks to me clearly – I feel I know the crack, the breaking open, the falling of the walls, the grief – and then how amazingly we are led to our core. Feeling the freedom and the warmth … Beautiful!

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