Growth Spurt

In the dark kitchen while all lay asleep
I stood shorter than the countertop
determined to throw away my blanket of comfort
self worn to soft holding of me.

The mouth of the garbage can
that lived under the sink
hungry for layers of softness
swallowed them down easily.

My four year old self threw away weakness
like an explorer sailing to uncharted seas
I declared myself ready for the mystery of the grown up.

Without need for a fall back into security
how sure I was of my power to leave the shore
of my dearly loved comfort layer.

Where did the urgency come from
to stop leaning
depending on
go it alone without reliance?

Years later in my cold bed determined and proud
still I wonder why I needed to prove my toughness
hurry away from childhood.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2018

dVerse Open Link Night #226


35 thoughts on “Growth Spurt

  1. It did make me wonder why a child would feel the need to throw away her security blanket at only four. I felt sad for her, but also admired her spirit! Independence is such a trick thing, at any age.

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    1. Ann, I too wondered why a child so young would be driven to take this kind of action. Childhood is a precious time of growth and exploration. How can we honor the child as an individual and support the path she wants to take?

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      1. I think it’s something we need to be more aware of. Unfortunately, all too often we simply see young children as extensions of ourselves, or as blank slates that are waiting to be written on. Yet they are already unique individuals, worthy of our respect and acceptance.

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  2. Sad, the rush to get through childhood. Personally I was ready to leave it behind. But for most, childhood shouldn’t be about being brave and strong. Maybe the start of that kind of discovery about one’s self. Excellent piece Ali.

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  3. Oh, we do so many things, let go of our comforts perhaps too soon in life, and left to wonder about it later. Perhaps that was the right choice for us then.
    A sweet rendering of how growth is actually experienced. Well-penned.

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