Learning to Dive

One day I finally knew that I could swim
in the blue of the sky.

That I was as strong as my declaration.
My fears, teachers made just for me.

That there would always be cracks to slip through
times of trembling, shaken awake to fall again.

Then I stood next to the lake,
a mirror of blue sky wholeness,
arms wide with acceptance

I, the problem and solution

dove into

reflection of release.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2019 (rewrite of 2017 poem)

Photo taken on a family trip to Varenna, Italy 2016


25 thoughts on “Learning to Dive

  1. Really like how you wrote this one, Ali. ‘swim in the blue of the sky.’ reminds me of soaring high, reaching up and moving along to reach your dreams. Then I like how you alluded to that there may be challenges and we may fall…and we may fall to a beautiful place that will teach us the lessons we need to learn. Beautiful write (rewrite), probably one of my favourite pieces from you 🙂

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    1. Mabel thank you for your thoughtful reflection and for letting me know that this is one of your favorites. I really appreciate the feedback.
      Be well and love big. We only get one life to live.


  2. Ali, this is profound. I love how you have so many wisdoms in the same poem – surrender, our issues as blessings, acceptance, life as continual learning, and the courage of knowing we can handle what’s next. I am moved and uplifted again. Thank you.

    Did you take that photo in Varenna? I’ve been there with my ex-husband! Gorgeous place.
    Blessings to you my friend. Have a beautiful week.
    Love and Light,

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    1. Debbie,
      Great to hear from you. It makes me so happy that you feel uplifted and inspired by this poem. That is always my intention.
      Yes, with rare exception, I take all the photos that I use on my blog.
      I am sure your new coaching around money and forgiveness is opening new doors for people. I would love to hear how it is going.

      Be well and love BIG,

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