Tandem – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

photo of bicycle parked beside wooden door
Photo by Ali Arapoğlu on Pexels.com
Head down, back bent
climbing back into yourself
fear perspires on your forehead.
Looks like you could use a lift.
Travel forward with me
I will steer for awhile.
You can coast.
I will pedal out the questions.
You can consider answers.
Life can be different
on a bicycle built for two.
First published on Versewrights.
© Ali Grimshaw 2019

12 thoughts on “Tandem – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

    1. Thanks for letting me know this spoke to you. Human connection is powerful. I love to provide a space for someone else to coast and catch her for a while. Have a beautiful day.

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    1. There are many different kinds of pedal partners. I provide coaching for others to process and clarify. It brings me great joy to do this.

      It’s possible that you have others pedaling with you, you just haven’t realize they’re there. Keep your eyes open. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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