Thank you Vita Brevis


Thank you to Brian Geiger at Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine for sharing my voice this week by publishing, Transient. Click on the title to give it a read and while you are there savor some of the words from amazing poets.

Vita Brevis Press is a small publisher dedicated to emerging and established poets, circulating their work in an online magazine and in physical anthologies. The Vita Brevis Poetry Magazinepublishes some of the best emerging poets out there, pairing their work with tonally relevant artwork.

28 thoughts on “Thank you Vita Brevis

  1. Congrats on being published over there, Ali. It was a lovely poem to read, and I like the symbolism of the bridge – a means to build and connect withe the world and one another 🙂

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      1. Such a good question, what is inspiring me lately. I am still writing, and also experimenting with other hobbies at the moment. Keeping it different and challenging is always interesting 🙂

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    1. I haven’t been submitting lately. It takes time and I’ve been putting my energy elsewhere right now. But I plan to try again soon. Thanks for your support.


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