Quiveringly quiet,
with anticipation of freedom,
framed by the sturdily built doorway,
she waits to greet dusk,
smelling the wind of tomorrow coming.
Once outside, she will never wear
that heavy cloak of blame again.
Even her shadow will no longer
be the same.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2019

dVerse quadrille – Quiver


42 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Ali, how your words made me think, and I mean really think. Your unique way of expression paints pictures for the reader to see. Just loved this!

    Also …. I’ve been seeing this a lot on WP at other blogs. Are you aware you have ads all over your post, even in with the comments? The owner of the blog cannot see the ads but the viewers can. That’s manipulation and not right. Sorry to be the bearer of this news if you were not aware of this.


  2. Another back story to wonder about, Ali. I need to know why anticipation of freedom, what blame was so heavy on her shoulders, and what has caused the change – even to her shadow? My imagination is running amok!

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