Leaf Man – poem by Ali Grimshaw


He brings me one each day

contrasts in shape, varied vibrancy

burnt red to ripe peach, presented

on the kitchen counter until evening

arrives at our window.


Held in his palm, our eyes meet

this wrinkled single donation

textured hues, imperfect edges

color story of today to cherish,

a temporary prize between us.


Trees give without expecting

something in return. Thankfully,

so does he.


© Ali Grimshaw 2018

May you find someone to share the beauty of nature with today.

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34 thoughts on “Leaf Man – poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. I’m a sucker for tree poems, Ali, and I love the description of the leaves, ‘burnt red to ripe peach’ and ‘textured hues, imperfect edges’. I’m watching the wind play with leaves as I write this, thankful for simple pleasures.

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  2. Hi Al, Lillian here, the host for OLN today at dVerse.

    Perhaps I’m just missing it??? But I don’t see a Tag or link to dVerse https://dversepoets. com Would you please add one? That way others can find us and it will increase your readership as well. Glad you posted….but please Tag or link to dVerse!

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    1. Carrie,
      I hope you are well on this fine Autumn day. I have been reading several articles on gratitude which led me back to this poem. It was inspired by gratitude for my husband creating this seasonal ritual. I am lucky to have him as a partner.


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