Liberation – poem by Ali Grimshaw


Within this cold capsule
unable to expand, frozen
limbs ache with limitations
of tight thoughts.

let thaw my mind
melting madness, tips to toes
until I sting with vitality
of circulation returning.

unwilling to still my spirit
any longer, wind brings
deliverance of movement.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

December Quadrille – dVerse

40 thoughts on “Liberation – poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Oh dear….I have a new computer and don’t know if my response entered here and is waiting to be adjudicated? Just in case, as I had to relog in with my password etc, I am very very late to the reading of the quadrilles and didn’t even get to post for Tuesday or Thursday yet….but here I am.
    I absolutely love this post, Ali. I can take it literally and think about the tree limbs ensconced in ice in a winter storm and wanting to be free again…have their circulation restarted by the winds etc. And then, for me at least, I can take it as a metaphor for us…maybe for those of us aging whose limbs are not as agile as they are…frozen by age. My feet still want to do the tap dance steps I did when I was young…the brain sends down the messages to my feet but my feet are yearning to do those steps and just can’t quite do the complex ones anymore! But oh the spirit is there! Anyway…you can tell I love your post!

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  2. Such a refreshing liberation, Ali! I love the thought of ‘thawing my mind’ and escaping the ‘limitations of tight thoughts’, and the use of alliteration in ‘melting madness, tips to toes’.

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