Poetry Over Panic Online Writing Group


“Poetry gives you permission to feel.” – James Autry

As the world shifts, I am looking for ways to give. With all the emotions swirling, we are faced with finding healthy ways to process them. Reflective writing using poetry has met that need for me and others I have written with. This is why I have created some group writing circles to provide this for others.

My hope is that, by writing and reflecting together, we can learn from this unusual time, and face it with loving curiosity. It would be especially wonderful to write with others across the globe. If this calls you you please click the link for a free ticket.

Poetry Over Panic: Women’s Writing Circle for Positive Self Reflection

“Poetry provides guidance, revealing what you did not know you knew…” John Fox

We are stronger when we lean on and learn from one another.

Join me as we continue forward into the unexpected.





17 thoughts on “Poetry Over Panic Online Writing Group

  1. Dear Ali,
    Did I miss the first gathering of Poetry over Panic? I would like to know how you write together in this group. Thanks for your idea and offerings.

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      1. I never use my blog email. (I should have thought of that). I’ll IG message you my personal email so you can send the next invite if you would be so kind? Thanks Ali!

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  2. What a great idea! So many people are intent on spreading the fear and panic, that it’s refreshing to hear from those who are instead spreading support and comfort. That’s what will get us through this, in my opinion!

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    1. This is for women who want to try exploring the use of writing as a tool for self understanding/reflection. I am excited to connect with people around the country. You don’t need to be a writer or a poet just a curious person who is willing to explore. Thanks for your support Ann.

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  3. As we are adapting to a new normal and creating new rules and routines, we must also find ways to be positive. While we don’t have a map on how to navigate through these uncertain times, we can always support each other. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

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