Certainty – poem by Ali Grimshaw


After what seems like

cocooning within forever darkness

light breaks through.


Each bud tilts toward warmth

layers reveal themselves

open with ease of purpose.


Not because they were told

“It is time.”

facing the sun… their hearts knew.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2020


38 thoughts on “Certainty – poem by Ali Grimshaw

      1. Hi, Ali – was answering your comment last night here and went over to take a look at your “Most Loved Poems” to see if there was anything I was missing and saw your “Handwritten Poem” and wanted to read it again!! Your comments were closed so I’m answering here. I love it even more!! I read it three times and all of a sudden I found my inner self answering the questions and wonderings in your poem!! Felt a little weird to me, probably sounds even more so to You!! But that happens sometimes, doesn’t it for you too? Sometimes it feels like it’s almost an ESP conversation with your Soull??? Anyway, feeling a bit adventurous, silly or bold (it was a bit late but no alcohol, I don’t drink) I went through and interspersed my thoughts, wonderings and feelings and answers to your inner questions and wonderings. It was such a wonderful and surreal feeling but probably just for me!! For me, I’m always thrilled when anything I have written reaches out and touches a reader’s heart so much that they are inspired by a seed of inspiration they found in my words, to write!!.

        So! If you don’t think this is Creepy and weird, and actually think it might be fun to listen in to the thoughts and feelings of the person you left this envelope for – on their desk (sounds like a work place environment) Then let me know – chucklindholm@hotmail.com and I will be happy to send you a copy of the interspersed poem that came to me. See, now you’ve created a real mystery – did she leave her name, contact info – was she brave enough to put those bold, inappropriate words and questions down on paper for his eyes to see and feel and understand? Is he able to answer and express his thoughts and feelings!

        Ahhh, Are we never to know their fate, Dear Ali? Must your followers and the World be left hanging, to always wonder what fate had in store for Your Letter Writer and Her recipient?? Your poem – Handwritten Poem – seems to really Beg for a Prequel AND a Sequel, don’t you think??
        Thanks again, Ali for the thrill of just writing from the inspiration of your poem!! An Awesome Honor!!!
        xoxo 🌹🌹✨😊😘


  1. Your poem and a break in our rain came “together” – pulling my heart and thoughts toward Spring’s delivery of “certainty” – a nice counter to all the UNcertainty floating around. Beautiful image!

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