Poetry Over Panic, let’s write together.


We are unique and also the same. As I have reached out to write with others during this pandemic I continue to experience this. We are all coping. We all have emotions. We all need ways to empty out our overflowing thoughts. In my writing circles, I have noticed the fulfilling conversations, relief of writing it down and connections that bloom from shared writing spaces. I invite you to explore this for yourself. This isn’t about trying to create the perfect poem. You don’t need to be a poet or even call yourself a writer. This is about connecting as human beings. By writing and reflecting together, we can learn from this unusual time, and face it with loving curiosity.

Click on the links below for more information and registration. 

Writing to Restore Ourselves: Poetry & Reflection Circle – May 14

Poetic Transitions: Writing Circle for Renewal – May 19

Writing for Renewal: Poetry & Reflection Circle – May 23

Writing for Renewal: Poetry & Reflection Circle – May 27

Curious about future writing circles? Email me at  coaching@aligrimshaw.com

Past participants have shared this about my writing circles.

“Thank you for your wonderful session yesterday. I came away feeling inspired and uplifted.You created such a welcoming space that I felt immediately at home.” – Karen
“I loved it all. Meeting new people and seeing the similarities between us. This also opened me up to a broader feeling of gratitude.” – Mary
“I have been writing with a group that Ali leads. I am not a creative writer and was wondering what I could bring to/get out of the group. I am surprised by where this takes my brain and my heart. Ali’s guidance and writing prompts are insightful. Writing with Ali has become one of gems of my otherwise isolated life.” – Nancy
“I loved your focus on being intentional, hearing the voices of other women and your positive energy. You are a light and an inspiration.” – Diane

We are stronger when we lean on and learn from one another.



4 thoughts on “Poetry Over Panic, let’s write together.

  1. I’m very grateful to you for reaching out to me by email. I’m really sorry I can’t commit to doing it at the moment. I would if I meant I could give it a go at the times my health is up to it and I have the chance to do it, but I don’t want to let you down knowing I could end up letting you down by not being involved fully and at the right times. I really hope you’re okay with this, I certainly don’t want to offend as it truly is a lovely idea.

    This is a wonderful post and an amazing thing to be able to do to spread some positivity and support others, Ali. I actually thought you were charging for these sessions. You’re a beautiful soul  ♥

    Stay safe lovely xx

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    1. I am giving what I can and currently offering a pay what you can ticket for my writing circles. This is working beautifully for me.

      It must be very challenging to want to commit and feel like you can’t because you aren’t sure what your body will need. Just to be clear, you can’t let me down by taking care of your needs. I appreciate all that you share on your blog. Keep writing and being kind to yourself.

      In gratitude,

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