The world needs listeners now more than ever. My writing circles are designed to practice deep listening and reflective writing in small groups. I am starting up another four week writing series on the second week of July. Curious about weekly writing circles? Email me at  coaching@aligrimshaw.com


11 thoughts on “Evolving

  1. For anyone on the fence about participating in Ali’s writing circles, please consider the opportunity to practice the deep listening that she refers to. It has been a wonderful experience to listen with an open heart to others as well as to what the deeper parts of me are wishing to express. Ali is a wonderful leader and facilitator and we already appreciate the beautiful tapestry of words that she creates and shares here.

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    1. Carrie, thank you for sharing your experience of the writing circle. With so many people feeling lonely and disconnected, it makes my heart glad to offer this space of authentic community. Sharing a poem together open doors for all of us. It is been beyond wonderful to write with you.

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  2. You’re so right! I’m a natural introvert, but I do not grow by myself. It’s only when I listen to others, and then spend the time thinking about what they have said, that I can achieve insights into my true self.

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    1. Ann, I appreciate your response. Listening is so valuable and so undervalued. You seem like a lifelong learner someone who is interested in evolving. Just by living your life this way, you are inspiring others. Take care.


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