I am… – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

When you choose what follows
I am ...
pick your words with care.
I am brave can make walls disappear.
I am enduring can see you through troubled times.
I am curious can allow you to travel on a floating leaf
without leaving the front yard.

Sometimes others want to choose our words for us.
You are trouble.
You are incapable.
You are unworthy.

The secret is
words won't stick to you if you don't want them.
If you look closely they can be found.
Those unwanted words are removable.
Peel them off
Brush them away
or gently blow them into the breeze
like seeds of the dandelion. 

You never have to keep the words
unless you want them. 

So, what words will you choose
to follow 
I am...?


48 thoughts on “I am… – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. This is a such a confidence-inspiring poem, Ali. I like the contrast between positivity and negativity. Words can hurt but only if we let them. It is up to us to walk away from those who don’t share our vision and tell ourselves we are capable of what we want to do.

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    1. Mabel,
      Great to hear from you my blogging friend. Words have so much power. What we choose to say to ourselves matters. Isn’t it great to know that we always get to choose who we say we are. I am… Isn’t it great that we can also change our minds at any time about what follows I am.
      Thank you for your reflection. I hope you are well.

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  2. I took a course where the word to follow “I am” was “feeling”… I am feeling lost….. I am feeling sad… I am feeling happy… I am feeling hopeful…

    It is a powerful way to distinguish between the power of the statement, “I am” (period) and the qualifiers we often put after it… I am lost. I am sad. I am happy… I am hopeful…

    Next was the invitation to use a noun preceded by an adjuective, as in… I am ‘a powerful woman’. I am a loving mother. I am a curious soul. I am a lost traveller.

    It really helped me to differentiate between my ‘I am” and the myriad of emotions that that flow through me but do not make me who I am. As in, I am feeling anger is very different than, “I am angry”

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    1. Louise,
      A million thank yous for this contribution to me and all of my readers who come across this comment. This is an important way to play with the concept of writing about who I am. I so appreciate it.
      Sending you love and hoping all is well with you and your family.

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      1. I’m glad it resonated Ali. It has deepened my exploration of your question.

        and yes, we are all well. My granddaughter, Ivy, has arrived and is pure Love and my grandson is a delight!

        Many blessings to you and yours.

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    1. Michele,
      Thanks for your kind response. I never thought of using this as a teaching tool for kids but it might work beautifully. I think I will be using it, in some way, in my September writing group. Thank you for reading. Be well.

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  3. Now this is really uplifting. Something we need constantly. My mood immediately lifted when I read this piece of art. So hard to find such exquisite poems. Lovely and really fresh.

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    1. Shanyu,
      Your response makes my heart smile. Poetry can inspire us and lift us. I am grateful to hear that this poem brought you to an energizing place today. Thanks for taking the time to let me know that my words touched your day. This is exactly why I keep blogging. Take care.

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      1. Ali,
        I’m so happy to have come to you. I’m glad I am playing my part in changing the world, one smile at a time. It is my pleasure to be a part of your wonderful blog. Just so much can one learn from these conversations and reading some amazing pieces of art like yours. I take my time to tell you how humbled I am with your kind words of poetry. Please keep writing.
        Have a fantastic week.
        Sending you love and magnolias.

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      2. I write with the hope that another will be inspired by my words. I am glad for our connection across the oceans. It is the best of blogging to have friendships around the world. Keep shining your light.

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      3. That is a wonderful incentive to write and with your poems, I’m sure they inspire. I am so happy myself to have met you. Please keep writing. Thank you for those kind words. Peace to you.

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      4. That question I haven’t been able to answer. I guess I write to change or at least to influence. Maybe a little footprint here and there, but it just came and I took it and now, almost everything seems like an inspiration to write.
        I guess since we now have time to slow down finally, we can learn a lot from every element around and since poetry is all about perception, we can listen to poetry everywhere.
        I may not have been able to say this very clearly, but I hope I have come through.
        Thank you once again. You’re one kind soul.
        I hope you find peace and love whenever you look for it.
        Sending you a bouquet of the most wonderful tulips.

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      5. I really like your statement that poetry is all about perception and we can find it everywhere. Agreed. Thank you for taking the time to explore my question and sharing your answer with me.
        Wishing you wellness and peace


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