Broken shadows across the cracked ground
smoke ghosts reside in charred places
once nestled home spaces, closed
doorways of tomorrow
silent squatters drift
among dreams to
rain, please

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

dVerse Poets Pub Challenge 
NONET – a nine line poem that begins 
with 9 syllables, descending 
line by line to 1 syllable.

* First line of this poem taken from 
W.S. Merwin,“To the Light of September

18 thoughts on “ex·cog·i·tat·ing

  1. With the wildfires still at large, the air quality must be unhealthy by now! It’s hard to read the news knowing that the fires aren’t close to being over yet! Beautiful poem as always. Thanks for sharing, Ali and have a good day 😀 Stay safe x

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    1. Smoky air is part of life here now. It is a challenge and I continue to keep my thoughts focused on gratitude. There are so many who have lost their homes and all they own. It is wonderful to see Oregonians reaching out to support each other. I am healthy and safe so I continue to ask myself, What can I do to help others?
      Take good care and appreciate the clean air for me. Have a beautiful day.

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