Remembering – By Ali Grimshaw

My boys on the Oregon Coast, USA 2015

I have celebrated while wind rocked our cliffside camper
with ocean views and barking sea lions.
Grandma's patient smile as we played cards 
in the warm, small inside.

I have roasted turkey while feeling cooked 
in a silver Tallahassee trailer 
where there was no cool breeze to invite through the windows
sweating through my doubts hour by hour.

I have welcomed friends, folks, and yet to know arrivals
to my table that was extended, folding out into the living room
mismatched plates, chairs, and napkins set with open invitation 
because all, meant all being in one circle of faces.

I have driven from afar to a crisp outside Autumn feast 
appetizers of touch football complete with commentary 
by the elder generation, and orange-warm grins around a fire pit
concluding with pie topped with fishing stories 
where we laughed until we cried.

This day is never the same 
I am grateful for this, non-tradition.
That my expectations are not there 
to choke out the one constant, 
the Thanksgiving that I continue to hold
memories of love that never fail 
to show up on this day.

 © Ali Grimshaw 2020

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56 thoughts on “Remembering – By Ali Grimshaw

  1. I could visualize each scene as you read this, and now once again in reading.
    For me, each year may be different, but memories flood back so that they’re all the same. In the 80s & early 90s we’d drive to my parent’s home in the country. I can still see the look of satisfaction on my father’s face at having everyone there.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your happy memory with me. One thing we can do now while being separated from others that we care about is to recall happy memories. Maybe this will even bring forth some new poems?
      Do you write with any other groups besides dVerse?
      Be well.

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      1. Recently, I started taking part in a bi-weekly Zoom session of “local” (mid-Missouri) poets – a group that met in-person prior to COVID. I was invited by someone at WordPress in late March, but that dwindled to 2 or 3 poets before it faded out at the end of August. However, it provided motivation while it lasted.

        As for online groups, lately, dVerse is about the extent of it for me.
        I try to respond to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai when it’s active and I’ll occasional participate in Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday.

        Thank you for your interest, Ali.

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      2. Thanks for sharing. I will into the Tanka Tuesday and Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. I appreciate those ideas.
        Of course you are welcome to try out one of my writing circles if you are interested. You can find them on the Writing Cirlce Page of my blog.
        Hang in there and keep on writing.

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  2. It’s the memories that keep us going and fill us with optimism, graciousness and love. Maybe we can all add this non traditional Thanksgiving to our list and look back upon all that we overcame and survived this year. Lovely writing. 💘

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    1. Rishika,
      Thanks for taking the time to reflect back your thoughts. As the world continues to change it is an opportunity to evolve our traditions. What is important for you to keep and what is no longer serving you? I hope the poem and question continue to inspire you.
      Be well,

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  3. I’m so glad you joined us at OLN Live, Ali, and that you read your poem sharing some of your celebrations. I love the image of ‘orange-warm grins around a fire pit / concluding with pie topped with fishing stories’. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Kim,
      Thank you for the warm welcome on open link night live. Next time I hope to get there earlier so I can hear more people read. It is such a gift to be able to connect with people across the great distances. Be well.

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    1. Grace,
      My heart is full today because I have love in my life. I am a lucky girl.
      Thank you for continuing to host on dVerse. It is a wonderful community.
      Be well and keep on sharing you poems.


  4. Such a beautiful and especially evocative poem to me. I really enjoyed hearing you read it during the live event today. Hearing poems read aloud by their authors–it’s an experience I cannot quite describe, but the closest I can is how it’s complete, full circle. Hearing the words and the way they are intended, the meaning that slips through the voice, it’s an incredible thing. As said during the event, you read so clearly I could understand each and every word! 😀 This is a beautiful poem as well, and I really resonated with these lines:

    “I have driven from afar to a crisp outside Autumn feast
    appetizers of touch football complete with commentary
    by the elder generation, and orange-warm grins around a fire pit
    concluding with pie topped with fishing stories
    where we laughed until we cried.”

    It’s all about family. ❤ ❤ What more can I say other than how this is a beautifully written piece. Thank you for sharing it tonight.

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    1. Lucy,
      I am grateful for this thoughtful reflection. One never knows how someone else experiences a poem unless the listener takes time to share. Thank you for the positive response about listening to me read this poem. That was a new experience for me and it was a bit scary to jump right in and share.
      May the words you write bring you home to a place of comfort and joy today. Happy Thanksgiving.

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    1. I am smiling with your response. To have this poem bring back a happy memory of your Grandma for you is a good feeling. I hope you will remember many loving moments as your day goes on. Stay well.


    1. Now that I understand how it works I look forward to joining in again. You were all so encouraging. I haven’t read my poems out loud before like this. It was a fun stretch.
      Take care and be well.


      1. I agree. Been a difficult year dear Ali. We need to be kind to each other. Poetry, been my peace for almost fifty years now. I pray with new leaders, our world become kinder and softer in the USA. The children need safe place, safe world.

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