Thank you School of Blue

There are moments when 
what someone else has inked onto the page
stops time for you

when another's words absorb through your skin 
settling deep in your belly
like a surprising crumb of nourishment 
you didn't know you needed.

A small taste of harmony,
blooming on your tongue.

It opens a realizing that wasn't there before 
a long lasting hunger, 

you nibble through a second read
then a third,
taking your time to swallow it all.

Remembering a desire for flavors
that had been forgotten

how good a poem could taste.

©Ali Grimshaw 2021

My poem is a response of gratitude for a poem I read today called Ice Cube on School of Blue
Read the poem HERE. Thank you, Rick Frame, for the nourishment.

My photo was taken near Amsterdam. A lovely, crisp morning of reflection where the sky and the water gave back to each other. 
LAPC #138 – Natural Light 

42 thoughts on “Thank you School of Blue

  1. Yes Ali !! .. when I read a poem 2 or 3 times, I then realize I’ve read something special… and here I am reading your piece for the third time … 😀😊 and here I am listening to this Pink Floyd song for the third time in a row… “High Hopes”

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      1. It’s Sunday morning Ali, hopefully a rest day for me.. things have been pretty hectic for me.. although I dreamt some words, and I wrote a few notes, and there is a poem in the words I was breathing in my dreamtime

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      2. I’m able to write my thoughts, visions, and dreams down into little snippets, so I don’t forget those wondrous moments that drift through our minds… I suppose I’m lucky in that way..

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  2. A beautiful response to his poem. Yours stands by itself in many ways; and reminds me of the feelings I often have when reading a paragraph or two in a book that I just have to go back and read…again and again. Your poem succinctly and beautifully captures the essence of the experience. Thank you.

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