Handwritten on March 7 -Poem By Ali Grimshaw

What if I wrote what could not be spoken of
words of depth, concise sentences of discomfort
and truth, looped them together with my hand
a signatured message unique, like my voice.
Left on your desk, enclosed by the folded paper,
to find tomorrow or in a haste of reorganizing,
leaving you to wonder when it arrived. 
Would you recognize the writing or disregard 
then discard it as scrap, all while maintaining
focus on achievements of a workplace that doesn't 
have time for cursive communication?

©Ali Grimshaw 2021

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34 thoughts on “Handwritten on March 7 -Poem By Ali Grimshaw

  1. Ali, there is much to say about the lost cursive that those of us took for granted. How sad. Very sad. If I had children I would have taught them cursive myself. I absolutely loved your poem. You packed a lot of pondering in those lines.

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    1. Merril,
      Glad to hear that this caught your attention and left you wondering. That was my hope. It was a fun challenge for myself.
      Thank you and all of the dVerse community for your inspiration to try new ideas.

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  2. The meaning or feeling I get from the poem is that this message is from a subordinate to his/her boss and perhaps there has been an incident or incidents, possibly involving harassment or inappropriate behaviour….”concise sentences of discomfort and truth”…like all good poems, this one leaves room for the reader’s imagination to work. JIM

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    1. Jim,
      Thanks so much. That is fascinating to me. I like how you pointed out the words that led you down that thinking path. It is a possible conclusion.
      I especially like poems that are open enough to be interpreted in more than one way.
      I appreciate your time.

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    1. Jim,
      Thank you for reflecting this back to me. Did you have any guesses about who the people in the poem are how they are related to each other or what the message might be? No pressure to answer. I’m just curious.

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  3. “What if I wrote what could not be spoken of…”. That’s the question confronting many of us who write. Whether poetry, prose to share or offer perspective. It all takes great courage. To be, to speak, to honor the voice within which yearns to be heard. Another beautiful poem, dear friend.

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    1. Carrie,
      I really appreciate hearing what resonated with you in this. It does take courage to speak out however we choose to share our truth with another.
      Sending you wishes of wellness for a beautiful weekend. I look forward to connecting with you next week.

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    1. Thank you for your reflection. I was hoping to create a sense of curiosity about the note. I have also been reflecting on the pace with which some of us live and how that impacts us for good or bad.
      Have a great weekend.

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