Sojourn – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

While descending the mountain I reflected on the view. Distance is so difficult for me to grasp. The clear sky made it seem that I could reach out and touch the red farmhouse roof below. Yet I had miles and miles to go before returning to the train station in the valley. 

Sometimes the cold mountain of winter feels like that to me, like a season of saddness stretching farther than I can see. My feet are heavy in step and the steps are far between. Then a tilt of light opens up a new view. The green valley returns and I hear the chorus of cow bells in the distance. A sound like the world has regained balance and I wish it to be true.

steep climber's view
after ascending through aches
frosted peaks layered

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

This photo taken on my way down Mount Wendelstein in the Bavarian Alps, South Germany. What a view.

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