Splendor – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

like wandering children 
we stepped gingerly in morning iced-light

far from Christmas past
far from storefronts, Amazon delivery
miles from anything 
that necessitated wrapping

we were gifted with captured stillness
a fantastical frozen roadside of candied red 

delight reigned
and our hearts were awed

© Ali Grimshaw 2022

Wishing you wellness and peace 
wherever you are
whatever you celebrate.
May love land on your day. 


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Quadrille #166 HERE


39 thoughts on “Splendor – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. The commercial (and it has to be admitted, the religious) trappings of Christmas don’t get across this threshold. It’s winter wonderland here too. I like the way you slipped in the ginger and candied treats in another context.

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  2. Those frozen days are refreshing, actually fun to play if you don’t fall down and break something. I think frozen wild strawberries would be good with the ice left on.

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