Doorway to Forgiveness

Dulled by time, the dusty door

coated from years of holding back

nailed shut, painfully impassable

darkness left sealed for so long

you can’t remember it ever being open.


Bewildered frustration, heat rises

sweat drips down your chest

fury and defeat of stones tied to feet.

This emotional cycle circles through

each day as you stand before it.


Maybe it isn’t possible to reopen

you are so small.


But look

you still hold the hammer in your hand

the key dangles from your back pocket.


© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

In honor of Forgiving Fridays on Forgiving Connects



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My head sits

on cords of screaming tension

inability to relax into

whirl of busyness, cyclone

of storms around my being

interference between me

and the presence

I wish to give you.

Please forgive my current cloudiness.

Blow this weather to the corner of the room.

I want to sit with you.

“What is the state of your heart?”

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Inspired by  – “Let us insist on a type of human-to-human connection where when one of us responds by saying, “I am just so busy,” we can follow up by saying, “I know, love. We all are. But I want to know how your heart is doing.” “


knocked down

like a tree after a storm

my trunk horizontal

broken limbs at odd angles

body left with jagged holes exposed

pieces scattered near and far down the lane

some parts even seem to have disappeared

now I think I understand how humpty dumpty felt

there isn’t a way to put the pieces back together

it is time to start again

look for fertile soil

plant myself where sunlight will reach me.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017




Brokenness Between Us

When you have stomped on

the trust we had between us

flattening it

to a paper thinness so transparent

few fibers left to hold the oneness of us.

After the debris is cleared away, thorns and boulders

removed with the owning of your actions.

Damage control is called in

cracks that can only be filled

with risking to love you

again with my whole being.

No hesitation or waiting period required.

I am all in.

© Ali Grimshaw



Let’s go down to the river.


IMG_4039Let the current caress

ripples lap at your errors

knee deep in, “I can’t believe I did that.”

wash away mistakes of this day

to leave the clear clarity of water.

Toes numb from cold reality.

Stepping out onto the bank

with new beginnings dripping

from your feet.

© Alicia Grimshaw

As I was finishing this poem I remembered this old spiritual song.  It is amazing how our minds work. I had not heard or thought of this song for many years.  I have been humming it for days thinking of the countless others who sang this same song going back, year after year after year. I somehow feel a connection with those voices from the past. If you want to hear it click on this link to youtube. Let’s Go Down To The River To Pray.


Shedding Shame

Despair for the moment to come

willing my body to enter the room

a mountain of mortification on my back

facing those faces

being seen while craving camouflage.

Owning the me that showed up today

failure and intention,

with a disappointing lack of action.

While seeking an empty seat I am

investigating the ability to shed my skin,

to start fresh. Becoming

a blank slate that holds

not a bit of old chalk dust.

© Ali Grimshaw







Apology Request

Are you sorry for the times

you tore me down

scathing words that left me

stumbling for cover

pounding me lower

knowing there wasn’t an escape route

trapped with this internal voice

causing a shrinking of my essence

down to a single drop of


© Ali Grimshaw


sometimes a regret comes back to life

emerging as a poem.

morphing as it translates into words

pain blossoming

on a single stem

each petal overlapping

some parts me

some parts you

forming an image fixed in time

an elixir of us

I drink in

to set us both free.

© Ali Grimshaw

Discovery Challenge – Shared Journeys

Narrow Chances

Between the pain and sorrow

in a very thin space

is a new beginning

a sliver of light that can only be seen

if you dare to look into

eyes that belong to you alone.

© Ali Grimshaw